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UUCP Map Entries, 1984

Name: osu-dbs
Organization: Ohio State University, Laboratory for DataBase System Research
Contact: Mark Verber
Phone: (614) 422-1444
Postal-Address: 2024 Neil Ave., Columbus, OH 43201
Electronic-Address: ucbvax!cbosgd!osu-dbs!verber
News: cbosgd
Mail: cbosg cbosgd osu-cgrg

Name: cbosgd
Organization: Bell Labs, Operating Systems Group
Contact: Mark Horton
Phone: (614) 860-4276
Postal-Address: Rm. 2C-249, 6200 E. Broad St., Columbus, OH 43213
Electronic-Address: cbosg!cbosgd!mark
News: ihnp4 mhuxi cbosg nscs osu-dbs cbrap cbscd5



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