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UUCP E-mail Message, 1985

Received: by UCB-VAX.ARPA (4.24/4.39)
       id AA05937; Tue, 4 Dec 84 20:49:27 pst
Received: by cbosgd.ATT.UUCP (4.12/3.7)
       id AA06953; Tue, 4 Dec 84 22:38:30 est
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 84 22:02:15 est
From: philabs!aecom!werner@cbosgd.UUCP
Message-Id: <8412050302.AA05336@philabs.uucp>
Subject: Re: easy word proc?
To: cbosgd!ucbvax!ucbtopaz!crndean@philabs.UUCP

Newsgroups: net.micro.pc
References: <608@ucbtopaz.CC.Berkeley.ARPA>

[Message body - about 20 lines was here]


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