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The UUCP Project, 1984

Steve Bellovin wrote a program called pathalias that created a routing table from your system to all others, if it had a map of the net. But no complete map existed.

In January 1984, a birds-of-a-feather session at the USENIX conference in Washington DC enlisted over 30 volunteers to build and maintain a UUCP map. A system was put into place to distribute this map on Usenet in the newsgroup comp.mail.maps. This group adopted the name "The UUCP Project" and received initial funding from USENIX. The project continued on a volunteer basis after the funding ran out. The UUCP Project was run by Mark Horton with major contributions by Mel Pleasant, Tim Thompson, Berry Kercheval, Steve Morenberg, and Karen Summers-Horton, and a cast of hundreds of regional volunteer coordinators.



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