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SPARCstation 1, 1992

• Sun’s first Pizza Box form factor workstation, the SPARCstation 1, had a 32 bit 10 MIPS processor and a 900x1152 color graphical monitor.

• The SunOS 4.1.3 (later called Solaris 1) Operating System was based on Berkeley UNIX.

• This SPARCstation 1 was and  on the Internet from 1998 to 2000, courtesy of Lucent and Horton. provided web presence to nonprofit transgender groups.

• In this picture, you can see the large Sun monitor, keyboard, and optical mouse with special mouse pad. To the right is the Stargate “pizza box” (with Horton’s business card) containing processor, hard disk, memory, and 3 expansion S-Bus slots. The second pizza box below it is a SparcStation 10 - note the zig-zag enclosure on the left.  The smaller box above the pizza boxes is an external CD-ROM drive. Inside the CD-ROM slot is a CD Caddy containing a SunOS CD.

On the monitor can be seen the Sun Windows Graphical Interface associated with SunOS 4.1.3.  The short console window is at top left, with a full size terminal window at center left. At top right are some SunOS icons, including a clock and performance monitors.

On top of the monitor are Horton’s “Crystal Ball” from a 1988 Bell Labs strategic planning session (looking 5 years into the future of 1993) and a sign suggesting activities on SunOS 4.1.3   On the wall can be seen Nils Peter Nelson’s map of the original “Adventure” puzzle game.  To the right is the Cubix computer and a dumb terminal.


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